Specialized embedded software development and embedded software/firmware engineering design: utilizing the latest embedded technology to develop quality electronic products


At Progneur, we provide embedded software development services, including feasibility studies, constructing build environments, embedded firmware/embedded software design and implementation, performance optimization, validation, and debugging. We can quickly create device drivers for your custom hardware devices, leaving you free to focus on the core of your electronic design project.


Our team applies its vast embedded software design knowledge to optimize your application. The team has extensive hands-on experience with common embedded platforms including i386, PPC, and ARM, as well as operating systems such as LINUX, Android, Windows and Win-Embedded. The architecture of an embedded software system by Progneur is meticulously developed to deliver the best performance while being compliant with industry standards. System-level design tools used by Progneur's team include MATLAB, System-C and Simulink.


Embedded firmware/software engineering services by Progneur are often developed as an add-on to one of our other professional services. For example, we may develop drivers for ASIC and FPGA design mandates, subsequently providing a complete electronics solution for customers.

Our embedded firmware/software development services include:


  • System architecture and partitioning

  • Board bring-up

  • Embedded implementations

    • Linux

    • Lightweight schedulers

    • Custom kernel drivers

    • Application development (Assembly/C/C++)

  • Cross-compilation toolchains

  • Project organization and build automation

    • Makefiles

    • Defect tracking

    • Revision control

  • Device driver design

  • OS/Kernel modifications and patches

  • Open-source software (OSS) hardening

  • Software acceleration (custom HW)




We provide development of boot loaders, development of all the device drivers, middleware and the application for both existing and fresh platforms. 



 We develop and design firmware across solutions including consumer electronics, PC devices and storage devices. We develop specific drivers for new IPs and peripherals for many operating systems such as Windows and Linux.



This includes development of various video codecs, Customization and porting Graphical libraries for various architectures and platforms. 



We develop customized firmware as per user’s requirement. We provide solutions based on ARM and AVR controllers.


Progneur works for Global Manufacturing OEM's and suppliers on Business Transformation Initiatives.

Quality through Process Adherence is in the DNA of the company.

We strongly believe in Innovation to bring about phenomenal change.

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